Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crawling Lessons

Nick is working very hard on his crawling skills, as you can see. I think it's funny toward the end of this video when he gets so tired he actually puts his head down. Baby break. I wonder how many calories I'd burn if I did that much wiggling around. It sure looks exhausting!

I actually noticed rug burn on his little legs from all of his practicing. But no luck yet. I guess learning to crawl takes a lot of time and practice. His little body is definitely getting more muscular, though, especially those stocky little legs. My stepdad was saying yesterday that he has the "Lemieux Legs," which I guess means that we have rounded, chunky calves. I guess he does at that. :) I wonder if they'll thin out when he finally learns to crawl and walk and starts burning calories.

Here you can see Nick's Daddy trying to show him the proper way to crawl. Greg is focusing on hand placement, knee spacing, and head support.

I'm not sure if Nick was paying very close attention to the lesson. I suppose it is normal for a 7 1/2 month old baby to have a pretty short attention span and be easily distracted. Honestly, he already has a longer attention span than some of the kindergarteners I've worked with in past years. Nicholas was fascinated today by some simple measuring spoons and cups--he focused on those for at least 20 minutes straight. Plus, when he was falling asleep, he watched his fingers moving for quite awhile. Baby entertainment is simple-"Wow, I have a hand. It has fingers, and they can move. I could watch this all day!" I wish entertainment was that easy for the rest of us.

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