Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

Weeks Pregnant: Exactly 20 weeks today. I'm halfway through this pregnancy, and apparently the baby is now the size of a banana. I'm not sure why they always use fruit when telling you the size of your baby.

I had my 2nd trimester growth ultrasound about a week ago, and all was well. He's measuring a little ahead, which is very good. Here's a picture of our little guy. I think he's pretty cute so far.  :)

Squiggling around and rolling, this guy kept pretty active during the ultrasound. I'm never positive that what I'm feeling is the baby moving until I get an ultrasound. Seeing him move on the screen at the same time as I feel him makes me certain. This ultrasound was at the Fetal Medicine Specialist's office, so you can see everything pretty well on a nice-size flat screen tv they put on the wall. When you're high-risk, they do a very extensive check, so he was up there on the screen for a good 30 minutes. We even got to see the four chambers of his heart, and all of his organs. Everything seems to growing well, so far.

Pregnancy Update:

Weight: (From starting weight) -6 pounds, still no change. I can tell that my hips are wider now, though. I had a pair of pre-pregnancy pants with an elastic waist, and they won't go over my hips now, even though I weigh less. I'll never be one of those women who only gets big in front. I just hope the waddling holds off for awhile longer, because that's not attractive on anyone.

Movement: I sometimes feel movement, but it isn't regular or very strong yet. This morning, though, I had my cell phone on my belly after snoozing the alarm, and when it went off (while still resting on my belly), the baby jumped at the same time I did. So I know he's in there, and that his little ears work. (Yes, I use my cell phone as an alarm clock. I can't be the only person who does that, I'm sure.)

Exercise: Still only physical therapy, 3 times per week. Isn't that enough? I come home every time walking like an old lady, so I know I'm getting a workout.

Cravings: Now I get a wild craving for Panera Macaroni and Cheese every day around 4 p.m. I only indulge occasionally. This baby also loves skim lattes. How do I know? He kicks like crazy if whenever I have one. That is really the only time I feel real, true kicks. I only order a tall latte, though. Don't judge.

Sleep: I seem to need more in the last week. Nick even let me nap on the couch Monday while he watched Sesame Street. He's been a very well-behaved little boy this week. Although he did unscrew one of the knobs from our kitchen cabinets and then forget where he put it.

Symptoms: Lots of low blood sugar issues this week, plus dizziness. But I generally feel pretty good, other than that. I've had a little more energy to play with Nick. I've had runny nose issues the last few weeks, but the problem is manageable and my humidifier is helping.

Mood: Less weepy, but perhaps more "out of it." I think I get upset more quickly when little things go wrong at work, too. My co-workers are pretty understanding, though.

Medical: I'm supposed to go to the Fetal Medicine Specialists over at Edward Hospital once a month now. I also go to my regular obstetrician once a month, so they had me arrange it so I'm seeing a doctor every two weeks. They're watching for growth restriction, among other things. It was a problem with Nick in the third trimester, and they suspect it may happen with this one, too. Just in case, (per doctor's orders) I've been taking a prenatal liquigel vitamin in the morning with breakfast, and then two Flintstones vitamins throughout the day.

Between Fetal Medicine, the regular obstetrician, the podiatrist, the physical therapist, and the endocrinologist, I'm up to my ears in medical appointments. But I'm doing everything they say, and I feel healthier this pregnancy than I did with Nick. Then, they kept telling me to eat more and more protein, and it never did get through to the baby. Instead, it just made me gain 40 pounds. This time, I'm only going to eat when I'm hungry or low.

I saw my endocrinologist today, and she commented that she though I looked much thinner in my face and neck than the last time she saw me, in the early fall. I've noticed that my wedding rings have been loose lately, as well. She checked the little book I use sometimes to write down what I eat, and said that I was doing a great job. I have to say that it felt really good to have a doctor look at my diet and compliment me on eating so well. Let's hope this healthy trend continues. I'm indulging every craving I have, but in small amounts, on top of a reasonably healthy diet.


  1. Yay on the weight! Yay on the baby! Have you thought about names yet? I can't remember if you told me that yet. The thing about the sounds scaring the baby is neat, isn't it? I remember laying in bed during a thunderstorm and the thunder boomed and ben jumped inside of me. My whole stomach leapt up he jumped so much. It was crazy. Glad you and baby are staying healthy.

  2. We're currently exploring names now, but we don't actually have any ideas we like. Boy names are the hardest, for me. Every name I like, one of my friends has already used for their child! So let me know if you have any ideas.

    He jumped again about 4 a.m. when my stupid cell phone went off. Some idiot sent a spam text to my cell and I have it set on a very loud ring. The jumping was cool. The middle of the night text. . . not so much.