Monday, January 10, 2011

Bad Parenting Moment

I have a confession to make. Greg and I had a bad parenting moment yesterday. I'm sure we're not the only parents to have done this by accident. When we got Nick ready for his day around 10 a.m., we gave him a fresh diaper and outfit, then left to go shopping and out to lunch. It was a pretty busy day, because we had a ton of errands to run. By the time we got home and Greg was making dinner, Nick (who hadn't had a nap) was pretty beat. He came up to me and asked if we could "Watch doggies on puter." Nick and I love to watch videos on together. Anyway, I picked him up and sat him on my lap, and . . .

His diaper exploded. I mean that there was so much baby pee that the gel escaped and we were both soaked. That diaper must've weighed at least five pounds. I had no idea there was so much gel and goop inside of a diaper. I was actually impressed at its capacity. "Greg!" I shouted. "When was the last time you changed his diaper?"

"I thought you did it!" he replied. Yes, our poor little boy went more than 8 hours in the same diaper. I guess each of us thought the other had changed him, and thus Nick tested the capacity of his diapers. It was only a wet diaper, but it was really, really wet. So wet that both Nick and I had soaked shirts and pants. Nick's socks were even soaked after the explosion. For about five minutes, I felt like the world's worst parent. I had to put him in the bath, though, so he wasn't too upset about the whole diaper explosion thing.

One of Nick's many Christmas gifts was some fun bath foam, which he thinks is a ton of fun. He is also rather fond of his rubber duckie collection.

So, that was my bad parenting moment. Nick was just fine, but man, did I feel guilty. Please tell me we're not the only ones who have forgotten to change a kid's diaper all day. . . Please?


  1. Nah...I've done that once. I don't think it exploded, but I couldn't believe how much the diaper held. If it didn't bother him, no great foul. Bet you check him next time though. ;)

  2. Yeah, I'll be checking. Sigh. That was an experience I don't want to repeat again.