Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Resolutions for 2011 (Plus, Another Dancing Video, Just Because!)

First of all, if you're already sick of reading everyone's New Year's Resolutions, you can just skip down to the bottom of this post, where I've thoughtfully added another dancing video. In this one, Nick is dancing around shirtless, in jeans, with a bucket on his head. Just for fun.

I'm guessing that 2011 will be a pretty busy year for me, and I want to make my resolutions attainable. I made resolutions last year, and while I didn't do too badly, I want to have more success than last year. Here is my recap of last year's resolutions. Some of my resolutions this year will be similar, but I also have some changes. Here we go:

1. Devote plenty of time to playing/reading/singing/building with Nick. I think I do a pretty darned good job of this already, but if I don't make it a priority, I'm afraid it will fall by the wayside. Spending quality time with my son (plus the new baby, when he comes along) has to be my #1 resolution. I'm hoping that as Nick matures this year, he can have fun helping me with things that I like to do, such as cooking and gardening. Last year he mostly ate the dirt and threw the flour, but he understands much better lately. Plus, I'm not afraid of a little mess. (Or a big one!)

2. Do whatever it takes to keep my body healthy. As for eating healthy, I've been most successful with eating only when I'm hungry and indulging cravings in small amounts. Right now, I'm mostly concerned with the pregnancy and the physical therapy, but I'd also like to either walk or work out on the elliptical trainer at least a little bit, now that I'm past the first trimester. Greg is bringing it in from the garage right now, so I won't be able to ignore it.

3. Properly back up and organize my pictures and files.About a year and a half ago I bought a backup drive, and it suddenly stopped working a few months later.  No one from either the company or any experts could help me--they all said to just buy a new one. I'm thinking when our tax returns come in, I can get a new drive and have everything organized properly. We wouldn't want pictures like the one below lost.

4. Be easier on myself. I've often felt guilty for not being a good enough mother/wife/teacher/housekeeper. This year, my goal is to concentrate on what I enjoy. For example, I will stop blaming myself for not being able to keep things organized, and instead I'll spend that time doing things that earn me money. For example, last year I earned well over $800 by posting lesson plans and powerpoints on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I spent that money on a cleaning lady who can do in 5 hours what would take me an entire weekend (if I even finished it at all.) I need to find more ways to reallocate my time like this so that I'm not wasting time on things I hate. For me, this probably means spending more time writing or tutoring, and then using the money I earn to outsource the tasks that are time-suckers.

5. (Same goal as last year) I want to have more dates with my husband. Once we have two children, this will be harder, but we need to find a way. We have never once regretted going out by ourselves.

6. Get rid of crap. I have clothing in sizes 8-12, and at least 50 pairs of shoes (size 9, mostly) that have barely been worn. Now that my doctor is telling me I have to wear thick, heavy orthotics, most of my shoes are useless. I need to either have a garage sale, list some things on ebay, or donate some stuff as a last resort. Let me know if you're interested.  :)

7. Somehow keep up with my gardening and indoor plant tending, despite being in the last trimester of pregnancy during the spring. I'm a fair weather gardener, literally. This means that if it is the least bit cold, or wet, or humid, I get neglectful about my gardening. Greg has promised to help, but I really want to have a decent garden this year, even if it is small.

8. Writing. I really enjoy writing, and blogging specifically. I'd like to keep up with my average of about 15 posts per month on this blog. I'd also like to investigate other ways I can earn money with my writing, even though the economy still isn't doing too well.

Okay, boring resolutions over. Now for the fun stuff. Here's Nick posing in his jeans and shaking his groove thing.


  1. He is such a cutie! Your kitty cat is a phatty, lol. Congrats on being preggers. Its been awhile since I have been on blogger or blogged. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  2. Thanks Jenn! Hope your holiday was lovely as well. Welcome back to blogger. :)

  3. Ahhh the guilt. I have a lot of it too. Always thinking I am not a good enough mother, teacher, daughter, sister etc. I think we all have to be a little easier on ourselves.