Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Tale of Two (Pairs of) Shoes

Nick recently got some new shoes. They are from Stride Rite, and they're absolutely adorable. Right after Christmas, I felt guilty because I'd never had Nick's feet sized. I was just guessing his shoe size and buying used (or squeaky) shoes online. So Grandma Toni and I took Nick to the Aurora Outlet Mall in search of shoes, among other things. I was very impressed when I went into the Stride Rite store and they fitted Nick, told me what size to buy, and happily directed me to the clearance shoes. We found these for $14.95.

These are suede velcro boots with red fire trucks on the side. Nick's favorite part is that these shoes light up when he walks. Little red lights flash, and Nick flashes a grin at the same time. Can't beat the price. Plus, it makes my mommy guilt feel better to know that I had his feet "fitted" and that these shoes don't hurt his little piggies.

Shall we compare Nick's new shoes with mine? Well, this is my blog, so the answer is obviously yes.

I've always loved buying shoes. I tend toward round-toed, low or medium-heeled, generally comfortable shoes, and I have at least 100 pairs. My feet are rather large and wide (9D), and I have a hard time finding shoes that fit. Recently my podiatrist told me that I'd have to wear professionally molded metal orthotics in my shoes. This was depressing for many reasons, but the most distressing is that I can (or should) no longer be wearing the majority of my shoes. They do not fit once the orthotics are placed inside. These orthotics have a lift in the heel, and they take up a lot of space in the shoe.

My podiatrist wrote me a prescription to get shoes from the New Balance shoe store, and he gave me very specific guidelines as to what I needed. A nice salesman helped me, and he seemed to know a great deal about shoes. After over an hour of trying on shoes while Nick destroyed his store bit by bit, I finally found a pair that I could live with and maybe even get away with wearing to work. Here they are:

I know, they're not very feminine. Actually, they're totally not my style, but they were the only shoes I could find that fit my doctor's specifications and fit my feet. Oh, and the cost? A lot more than Nick's new shoes! $140. Sigh. That's the most I've ever spent on shoes, and the only reason I bought them was because my doctor told me I needed them. I'm trying to do everything possible to avoid having to have surgery, which I'm sure would cost way more than $140. Also, after an hour of my son destroying his store, I couldn't leave without buying something from the poor, long-suffering salesman at New Balance. But I wish that my splurge of spending $140 on shoes could've been on really cute shoes that I fell in love with and couldn't resist.

These are some super-fancy shoes, though. They are waterproof and will not let my feet roll to either side (pronation), which my feet are prone to doing. (Heck, they should make me able to levitate for $140!) I don't think they look terrible with long dress pants, either. I've been wearing them to work, and hopefully they look professional enough. For walking on ice and snow, they're pretty stable, which is nice since I've had outdoor duty at school.
Check out the two of us showing off our new shoes together.

My shoes look gigantic in comparison to Nick's.

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  1. Those are some seriously good walking shoes, but damn...140 bucks. Well at least Nick's shoes were cheap. I had to buy Ben striderite shoes, because he had wide feet for a toddler, and he only fit in the ones that cost 50 bucks. You will find some other shoes eventually, but at least you have something to keep you stable for now.