Friday, January 28, 2011

With a Little Glint in His Eye. . .

Isn't this glint just a little naughty? Nick makes this face right before he's going to try something clever or destructive. I'm not usually one who finds the naughty boys cute, but this one steals my heart every time I see that little glint in his eye. I believe right after this picture was taken, Nick climbed up our bookshelf to try to get to the markers. For obvious reasons, we keep the markers out of reach nowadays.

As a side note, I should point out the excellent pencil grip my little man is demonstrating. We're thinking he's going to be right-handed, because he almost always colors with his right hand. He sometimes throws a ball with his left hand, though.

Oh, and reason his hair looks sticky and gloppy? My babysitter told me that he smeared the syrup from his pancakes through his hair, intentionally. I'm not sure what would possess someone to do this. Then again, my husband puts goopy gel in his hair everyday with Nick watching. Perhaps he was trying to copy his daddy's hairstyle.

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  1. Oh yes, we have to hide the markers from my daughter too. She can also get quite sneaky.