Thursday, August 26, 2010

No More Cast!

Yup, Nick got his cast off on Tuesday. The doctor said his arm was all healed, and apparently he didn't even get scared when they came at him with the saw to cut off the cast. I guess the doctor was saying that after three weeks with his arm bent all funny, most adults would have a hard time bending it. But little kids are so flexible. Greg said Nick moved his arm all around right away as soon as the cast came off. He is under orders to avoid the playground for at least another week or so, and then he's totally good to go.

When I saw Nick later that evening, I insisted on a bath. So Grandma Toni and I gave him quite a splashy one. He hadn't had a real bath in three weeks, and this boy gets dirty. Now he is all clean. Nick was absolutely thrilled to be able to sit in a full bath and splash with both of his hands (and his feet, too).

After his bath, Nick ran around in circles making funny noises and yelling and just generally being silly. He is getting better about recognizing shapes. He knows square, circle, and star for sure. (square=bear and circle=erkel) He's still working on triangle. I took this video of him right after his bath. Listen through until the end to hear what he says he did (and right after a bath, too).

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