Monday, August 30, 2010

Bubble Fun

Nick and I have been loving having his Grandma Toni here during the week. Last week, she stayed from Tuesday evening to Thursday evening, and we had lots of time for fun stuff like bubbles. I cannot believe how much easier parenting is when there are more pairs of hands around to help. There are two people to blow the bubbles! Do you know how lightheaded one can get while blowing bubbles continuously for 30 minutes or more? Two blowers are much better. 

Nick really wants to blow his own bubbles, and he will keep putting the bubble wand into the soap solution again and again. Unfortunately, he doesn't get the idea of "blowing." Instead, he simply sucks on the bubble wand.

Nick seems disappointed when sucking on the bubble wand does not elicit any bubbles. You'd think he would dislike the taste of soap, but it doesn't seem to bother him. I guess I won't be washing this kid's mouth out wiht soap. Nick would think it was a treat!

The actual bubbles themselves are very exciting to Nick, and he loves to chase them. But he always tries to steal the bubble wands, even if he has his own. I guess he figures that if the bubbles are working, that bubble wand must be special.

Here's to more bubble fun before it gets too cold outside!  :)

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