Monday, August 9, 2010

Madame Linda's Birthday Dinner Party: Part Two

Today I'm going to finish telling about the french-themed birthday dinner we had for my mom few weeks ago. I believe I left off just before dinner. We set the table for six, and our dinner was coq au vin with gruyere potatoes and haricots vert (french green beans).

Nick was very eager to eat. Can you see him reaching for the green beans? Patience is not his strong suit.  He loved the coq au vin, though. Was that his French heritage coming through? Perhaps.
Dinner was divine, and oh so French, even down to the wine selections. Here is what our plates looked like, thanks to Monsieur Greg, the chef. Those are pearl onions and baby bella mushrooms in the coq au vin. (Mmmm.)

After dinner, we had to have dessert. For a birthday dinner, of course there must be a birthday cake. I chose the most complicated, most delicious-looking chocolate cake I could find. My mother had specifically requested chocolate, and that is what she got. Behold the glory of the gateau chocolat, and click on the links if you want the recipes and have seven hours to kill. This was a chocolate mousse layer cake, served with a creme anglaise. Perhaps one day I will do a post on how to make such a complicated dessert. It was an advanced level recipe, but also one of the most delicious things I think I've ever made. Sometimes it's fun to embrace a challenge.  :)

In my family, it is a tradition to always try to get a picture of the birthday girl (or boy) blowing out the candles. Yup. I did get that picture. Nick was trying to help blow out the candles, too.

It was a delicious dinner and a great evening. Most importantly, I think my mom had a great birthday. Perhaps next year we'll do a spanish theme. . .


  1. yummy! i've got some chicken in the freezer...coq au vin would be a good way to prepare it. Of course I have been eying a recipe for a blue cheese and red potato tart for a while too. I'll probably end up doing both.

  2. Coq au vin with a blue cheese/red potato tart would be lovely. Especially with a nice glass of wine. :)

  3. I am drooling over this birthday dinner party food. Thanks for the photos. We are also planning to host a fun family gathering party but instead of hosting that at the home we would prefer booking some rooftop LA event venues so that we can enjoy mesmerizing views over there.