Friday, August 13, 2010

Feeding Time for Miss Lucy

It's a little hectic here tonight, between Nick throwing spaghetti at us, the torrential rains, and the delivery of our new living room set. Our whole downstairs is in disarray, since we have to move everything around and try to get the new slipcovers on. So my post tonight will be short.

Tonight, I'm going to post a quick video from yesterday, when Nick and I visited his GG (short for great-grandmother) and her puppy, Miss Lucy. Nick was fascinated by her food dishes, and he had a great time moving her food back and forth between the dish and a bucket. He thought he was being very helpful.

My grandma also introduced Nick to something new: twizzlers. We'd never given him red licorice before, but GG pulled it out while I was trying to hold Nick down to change his diaper. He quieted right down and ate the whole piece. Nick loves his GG.  :)

Oh, and here she is. . . the cutest puppy in all the land. My grandma thinks she looks silly with one ear up and one down. I think it's charming.

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