Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are They Serious?

Greg and I couldn't decide if this sign is actually some kind of joke, or if it's for real. What do you think?

How many errors can you find? We counted three. Since this is a coffee shop, we were wondering if perhaps it's some kind of joke, as in: "Unless you've had your coffee, you will spell like this."

I saw this sign when we were on our way to Morris, IL for a farmers' market last week, and no, we didn't stop for coffee at Brewed Awakening's. I think I'm going to use this photo as a lesson starter for some of my intermediate ESL students next year. It'd be neat to see if they could find all of the mistakes. I am also going to submit this picture to the Apostrophe Catastrophe website, for the obvious reason.


  1. Maybe it's like can just put the punctuation where you feel like putting it... LOL.

  2. On that note...I kind of like that...I'm just always going to use ellipses...just sentence after never-ending sentence. LOL.

  3. I'm curious, the apostrophe mistake was obvious from the get go....but what are the other 2 errors you found? Oh appears that specialty is spelled wrong. Its kind of amazing I caught that! What's number 3? tea made from beans??!

  4. No, tea isn't made from beans, so I suppose that'd be an extra mistake. They spelled espresso "expresso." We know the spelling for sure because Greg is really into espresso and we buy it all the time.

    Greg declined to try their "expresso." LOL