Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Boy Bed!

Nick has been sleeping in his big boy bed for a whole week now. A little over a month ago, Nick figured out how to get out of his crib. This started a whole chain of events, culminating in the purchase of a nice toddler bed for our boy here.

Between having to return the crib mattress and buy a new one, and moving furniture around, we finally got the whole thing set up for him. Nick was super-excited about sleeping in his new bed. We love his new quilt and sheet set, which was made by a lady who sells them on Ebay. I love that it doesn't have any wacky cartoon characters on it.

All day, he kept saying, "I seep in my big boy bed!" (He doesn't always pronounce his "l"s.) I was totally anticipating problems, because I've spoken to a number of friends about the transition from crib to bed. Some of them had their little ones wandering around the house at all hours of the night.

Nick slept just fine, though, and when Greg went into his room in the morning, he was sleeping in his bed, happy as a clam. One night, I guess, he woke up in the guest bed, which still hasn't been moved to the basement. But that's no great tragedy. Every other night, he's slept in his big boy bed with a stack of books and his favorite monkey beside him.

When it's time for bed, we just ask him, "Nick, what time is it?" He always replies, "Seepytime." Then he goes to sleep in his big toddler bed. Sniff. My little baby is growing up!

*Photos courtesy of Amanda Wiatr.


  1. He loves it too. I'm just happy he'll actually sleep in it. We were afraid once escape was an option, he'd stay up partying until all hours of the night.

  2. Ben liked his bed too, but he went through a period where he sat up talking and singing for like 2 hours after he went to 'bed'. His bed was the same as his crib, we just opened up the side so it was like a daybed. However, he did go through a period where he slept in a small tent on the floor of his room for 6 months, because he woudn't sleep anywhere else. LOL. I think that was the year he turned 4.

  3. A tent? Argh. Is that what I've got to look forward to? I guess I can be a flexible parent, so long as my kid sleeps. We need our sleep!