Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cookie-Baking Fun

The Saturday before Easter, Nick's Aunt Mandy came over and we baked cookies. Nick loves cookie-baking, and he gets super-excited every time I even mention making cookies.

I'll have to make a point of baking more healthy items this summer, but lately, I've been mostly craving naughty foods, like sugar cookies with sprinkles. Nick loves using the big rolling pin, and he can actually use it correctly now.

We made cookies shaped like chicks, bunnies, lambs and eggs. Nick did not ever want the cookie making to end. I think next year, though, I need to get some smaller cookie cutters. These cookies were huge!

Putting on the sprinkles was very fun for Nick, but I think he used too many sprinkles. The purple ones were his favorite--we let him pick.

For some reason, the Easter sprinkles I bought didn't come with a sprinkling thing on the lid. You know, the holes that allow you to sprinkle right from the jar.

We tried to teach Nick how to sprinkle, but he mostly just dumped.

Well, the cookies tasted pretty good, even if the sprinkles weren't on evenly.

I think Nick wins the award for the most flour spilled, as well. I don't mind, though, because I am a firm believer in the principle of: the bigger the mess, the more fun the kid had. He did have fun.  :)

*Pictures courtesy of Amanda Wiatr. Or Aunt Mandy. Because that's what Nick calls her.   :)

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  1. looks like you're baking Christmas cookies, because of the pine tree with red trimmings in the background!