Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gardening Update

We finally got the garden ready for spring on Sunday. Despite the threat of rain, we went to Lowe's and filled the cart with soil, compost, mulch, a new rake, and some anti-rabbit fencing. I'm determined to defeat the bunnies this year.

It didn't end up raining until after dark, and Sunday turned out to be lovely--it even got into the 70s. We added the good stuff into the soil and mixed it all up, and Greg put up the bunny fence. Do you think it will work? (Oh, how I hope so!) I'm so proud of how we all worked together to get the garden ready. Greg was really helpful, now that I'm getting bigger and can't lift anything.

I planted spinach, early peas, and tons of carrots so far. I also planted a bunch more seeds to go under the lights inside. I'm hoping we'll be able to eat some spinach this year, unless we have kamikaze bunnies who try to jump the fence. Last year they ate every single morsel of spinach.

Oh, and remember when I had to rake leaves with a snow shovel, because we didn't have a rake? Not only did Greg buy a new rake, we also found a little man rake for Nick. He loves it, though he hasn't mastered the art of actually raking quite yet. But he's trying.  :)


  1. Looks good...how do you get in? I can't see your little door. You will just have to watch if they go 'under' the fence...sometimes they dig under. If they do that you can dig the fence into the ground a little. Hopefully your fence will protect your garden from children as well! LOL. Mine has prevented groups of wild boys from running across my seedlings while playing their shoot'em up games. A great investment. Maybe I'll get peas this year.

  2. Greg didn't make a little door. He said (and I quote), "You just step over the fence. It's easy." I think he forgets I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I'm not going to complain, though, because I'm just glad I got him to put up the fecne.