Monday, April 4, 2011

The Messiest Cookie Project EVER!

Last week, Nick's Grandma Toni came to visit, and she brought with a cookie-making kit she'd bought. Grandma Toni is very creative; she's always bringing special projects to do with Nick. He was mighty excited to do this one.

Here's the project Grandma Toni brought. It includes cookie cutters, cookie mix, and some funky powder that allows you to actually dye the dough.

Now, Grandma Toni is no fool, and she didn't underestimate the messiness of this fun project. So she planned to bake cookies while I was home on spring break, so that there'd be two adults to manage the mess. Smart lady. Nick helped with every single step of the process, from the mixing to the rolling to the coloring to the cookie-cutting.

Boy, did they have fun!

But I think this project wins for messiest EVER. Check out the countertop afterward. Yup. The dye stained the countertops and our hands, though some 10:1 bleach solution pretty much took care of the countertops.

The cookies? Pretty tasty, though the color was a little bright.
A fun time was had by all.  :)


  1. But how did you get your hands clean??

  2. Just a ton of scrubbing. We let Nick sit in the bath for awhile, and it eventually came out. What a mess, though. Nick has asked me twice since then, "Make cookies again?" LOL

  3. That's the scariest kind of cookie who can make his OWN cookies. LOL.