Monday, February 14, 2011

A little man with a rose and a stinky, who got himself stuck in a precarious place. . .

Happy Valentine's Day! Doesn't my little man look oh-so-serious and brooding in this picture? He's holding the rose that Greg brought home for me. Check out Nick's t-shirt. I found it on e-bay. It has a skunk on the front that says, "Love Stinks." Then, on the back, it has a big number 14 for Valentine's Day. I know, this picture below looks like a mug shot. Guess what Nick had just done right before I took the picture? I'll give you a hint: it stinks and it's not love. 

The last two appointments in a row, Nick has waited until the middle of my physical therapy appointment to, um, stink. PT is going pretty well, by the way. My foot pain has decreased enough that days go by where I don't even think about my feet. There are still times I'm really sore, but my feet feel so much better than I did just a few months before. The combination of my amazing physical therapist, some truly expensive shoes, and my weird orthotics means that I can now walk without wincing. Hopefully they'll be able to conclude that I've made enough progress to not need surgery, at least not imminently.

Oh, and guess what else Nick did during physical therapy? While I was on the table getting heat applied to my legs, this is where Nick crawled. Then, he couldn't get out.

He's actually in a little box-like place under the table--totally stuck! He was like that for awhile, because I wasn't able to move and I didn't think he was in trouble. Nick kept saying, "Mommy, I no like under table." I'd reply, "Well honey, come out then." Finally he shouted, "Stuck! I stuck!" Yes, I grabbed my camera before we figured out how to get him out from under there.

Besides tables with secret places to hide, the PT office also has fun exercise equipment to play on. Today they had me working on standing on one leg on a destabalizing pad that moved a bit. Nick thought it was the coolest thing ever and wanted a turn. He is far more coordinated and balanced than I am. Sigh. A pregnant lady wearing orthotic shoes standing on one foot on a destabalizing pad must've been a hilarious sight. Nick thought it was easy. He was even dancing on it.

The present in his diaper isn't all Nick gave us for Valentine's Day. He also made us these at daycare. They made me smile in a way that only artwork by a two-year-old can. I need to remember to take pictures of his artwork more often. I've been saving some stuff he's done, but it's easy to lose.


Greg and I celebrated our Valentine's Day on Sunday, and I'll talk more about that tomorrow. Lots to tell!  :)

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  1. I got a stinky for valentine's day too! At least it was from my son rather than my husband