Monday, February 7, 2011

Nick Sings "Happy Birthday" to Daddy!

Today was Greg's 37th birthday. We celebrated tonight with his mom and sister by going to Meson Sabika in Naperville. He was only marginally more well behaved today at the restaurant. He still has a minor case of the crabbies. Thankfully, though, the employees were kind enough to sit us in an empty section, so that we weren't quite as embarrassed by the throwing of crayons and the random loud noises that this toddler has been emitting lately.

Yes, that's Nick doing the finger trick thing with his plastic straw. Going out to dinner for birthdays is kind of a tradition in Greg's family. A tradition, I might add, that I really like. We were out really late, and I am exhausted. My tummy, however, is very satisfied. I think this baby loves tapas as much as I do. I think Greg enjoyed himself despite the misbehaving toddler, and that is the most important thing, since it is his birthday. He certainly devoured his cream puffs with ice cream and chocolate sauce.  :)

Here's a little clip I got of Nick singing "Happy Birthday" to his daddy. He kept singing, on and off, for a good half hour. Hey, at least he wasn't screaming.

Happy Birthday Greg!

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