Monday, February 21, 2011

A Visit from Auntie Mandy

I got a call from my sister last week, saying that she hadn't seen Nick since Christmas, and that this travesty must be corrected, and soon. So we invited her over for dinner Saturday. Nick was over the moon. Finally, there was someone new to play blocks with. . . someone worthy.

Indeed, my sister is the master of playing blocks.

Aunt Mandy kept Nick focused until they had used every single block in the whole house. The final product was taller than Nick! Check out their creation.

They also played with Nick's Little People animal collection, and Aunt Mandy was surprised that Nick knew the names of practically every animal--even the rhino and the penguin. That's because when Nick and I build houses with his Mega Blox, he chooses a different animal to make a house for every time. So he's had lots of practice.

There was also lots of coloring. . .

and the reading of stories. 

I think Nick had a great time. Such a great time, in fact, that he's been asking for his Auntie Mandy ever since she left.


  1. Hey there! I was checking out some of my newer followers' profiles and wanted to stop by to say hello.

    Those photos are too cute! Your son is adorable. :)

    I'm also loving your cat. (I'm a cat person, but you'd be surprised how difficult it is to find a pet over here...)

    Your background is great! Love love love the antique looking photos on the right.

  2. Thanks! Nick had a wonderful day, and he is very conscious of his adorableness. It is going to get him in big trouble someday.

    Carrie, the cat you see is Molly, the only can not petrified of my son. We have two other cats, but they both hide. Molly growls at him but will not run away, no matter what.