Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Bathroom EVER!

Last Saturday Greg and I went out to dinner with his dad and stepmom. They live in Rockton, and got us a babysitter so we could actually enjoy our food, rather than dodging flying crayons and "Shh"ing constantly. We went to a restaurant called Brio in Rockton, and had a delightful time.

We had what's called a chef's tasting. That means that the chef picked all 5 courses for our dinner, plus wines to go with them. Alas, I had to pass on the wine, though I did try a sip or two of the whites. I wish I'd have taken pictures of our courses, but I didn't, for some reason. I can say that this was the best food I've ever had this side of the Atlantic. (Only Paris and Barcelona can beat this place!) The decor was pretty cool, too. Check out this mirror they have in the hallway:

I think my favorite courses were the scallops, the cauliflower soup, and, of course, the dessert--some sort of crepe with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and pears. I loved the eating experience as well. . . sitting around chatting and eating small portions of very delicious food for hours is exactly the perfect way to spend an evening. Oh, and the bathrooms. . .

Apparently, they are award-winning. Did you know that there's a hall of fame for cool bathrooms? I didn't, either. But there is, and the women's bathroom at Brio was the coolest I've ever seen. I guess the women's bathroom is supposed to be heaven, and the men's bathroom is supposed to be hell. There's even blue lighting in the women's bathroom and red lighting in the men's bathroom. I was especially impressed with the mirror and sinks (see above). I also loved the clouds on the wall. . .

and the grey tile on the floor. I did not, however, take pictures in the men's room, for obvious reasons. I just took plenty of photos in the ladies room.

I want to see if Greg and I can try a chef's tasting at some restaurants by us. I feel like this was an experience rather than just a meal, and the chef was clearly trying to impress. (He did!) Greg said he felt like we were judges on Iron Chef. The whole experience was very decadent (and delicious).

Plus, since I've been spending a lot of time in bathrooms as of late (baby sitting on my bladder), Brio certainly made that experience more interesting.

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