Saturday, February 19, 2011

Belated Recap: Valentine's Day

I just realized I forgot to finish blogging about how Greg and I celebrated our Valentine's Day. It was a pretty good one, too. We went back to Barolo Ristorante in Joliet, because we remembered how good the food was when we went there in December. It was just as good this time. It is possible that it was even better, because we were able to truly enjoy our meal this time.

You see, Nick's Grandma Toni and Aunt Sarah came over last Sunday so that Greg and I could go out. Eating a meal without worrying about anyone throwing noodles at us is an amazing thing. The table stayed relatively clean, and not once did I have to wrestle anyone onto the changing table in the ladies room. Lately, Nick has been finishing his food more quickly than us lately. Then he tends to yell, "I all done!" until we let him get down. There was no rushing over this meal.

Instead, we lingered and concentrated on the food. We started with calamari, which is always one of my favorites. Greg actually ordered the same dish I had last time, while I decided to try something new: I ordered the free range lamb chops with bok choi and whipped sweet potatoes. I do think this was the best darned lamb I have ever tasted. . .

or perhaps it was just the peace and quiet that we enjoyed. Nah, it was the lamb. It was so tender and just perfectly seasoned. It was a lovely meal, but my favorite part was the dessert. I always want to order tiramisu at Italian restaurants. I adore it because it is creamy and flavorful, but not too sweet. This tiramisu was excellent. I wish I had some tonight.

Oh, and the presents? I think Greg and I both did a super job. I got him a gift certificate for us to take a couples cooking class at Flavour Cooking School in Forest Park. Sometime in the next month or two, we'll take a three hour class where we'll learn special techniques and learn to cook a very fancy dinner. The evening ends with a romantic meal where we'll get to eat what we made. Since Greg and I both love to cook, I figured it'd be nice to actually do something together. He's sure excited about going. Plus, it'll be another kid-free night out where we can enjoy our meal.

His present wasn't too shabby, either. I got a gift certificate for a 60 minute pregnancy massage at the Herrington Inn and Spa in Geneva. I'm torn as to when I should cash this one in. It would be so nice now, because I've been having some back pain, especially in my tailbone. But I know that if I wait a month or two, it'll be that much worse and I'll be glad I waited to get this massage. We'll see what I finally decide. Either way, I love this Valentine's Day gift!

Greg is usually pretty good at the romantic gifts, but this one was just perfect. I guess it proves he really was listening to me when I've been complaining about my aching back. That means a lot.  :)

I hope your Valentine's Day was as good as mine.

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  1. Aw. So sweet of the family to help make it a special day!

    I've never had lamb, but lately I've been reading so many good things about that I'm dying to try it out.

    And what wonderful gift ideas! I think I'd have a hard time getting my husband into a cooking class, but I would absolutely love it. Hope you two have fun with it!