Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle!

Remember last Sunday, when I showed off all of the plants that Melissa from Costa Farms sent me? Well, I promised to show pictures of all the plants in my classroom, and today I shall. There are so many plants in our classroom that when new people come in, I say, "Welcome to the jungle!"

My students love all of the plants, and they're excited when I let them help me water them. I absolutely love the feel of my room, and I think the plants make it feel more welcoming in my room. Also, I feel like the air is better in the room, too. Pardon the mess. I organize with messy piles. I was very excited this year, because this is the first school year ever that I haven't had to move. Yup, that's right. I've been teaching since 2000, and every school year has meant a new classroom for me. Until this year. I got to stay in this amazing space with a great view and three windows! The sunlight makes me happy.   :)

Most of the plants are really easy to care for, and one of my favorites is the plant in the pink pot. It has green leaves with a little bit of pink on them. You may notice, however, that I've killed the mums. Sigh. I don't know what I did wrong. Oh well, I guess one of the plants was bound to die. Hopefully the rest of them will persevere.

My very favorite plant is still the croton, and it looks very healthy. That's the one on the file cabinet. I know it's supposed to get shade, but in this spot the croton gets indirect sun for only an hour or so a day. All of the plants on this shelf are supposed to be shade plants, but some sun sneaks over first thing in the morning. Regardless, it seems to be working.

The peace lilies near the door are just gorgeous, too. I get compliments on them from whoever walks through the door.

Besides the dead mums, I think the hardest plant to take care of has been the fern. It is very pretty and I love it, but it drops leaves like crazy and I can't seem to get the amount of water right. I've been watering it every two or three days, and it still seems dry. I soak it pretty well, too, until water runs out the bottom.

I will keep doing my best to keep the plants alive. Thanks again to Melissa from Costa Farms for the beautiful plants.I can't wait to do my plant units with students in the spring. We'll have so many examples to look at!

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