Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Trip to Iowa: Part Three

Do Toddlers Usually Eat Apples Like This?

One of my favorite parts of our Iowa trip was visiting the apple orchard. It was more fun than I'd thought it would be, and Nick loved it. He is a master of pointing out the obvious, so he kept announcing things like, "Tree!" and "Apples!" Nick did help pick a few apples, but mostly he walked around causing trouble, throwing apples that he found on the ground, and begging us to give him more apples. Silly boy easily ate three entire apples. At one point, he figured out that if he dropped an apple and then cried, we'd give him a new one. So then it became a game.

Before recently, I'd never seen little kids eat apples whole like this. Nick prefers them this way. On Monday, in fact, he ate an entire apple, down to the core. Only a tiny piece was left. Ah, well. Apples are good for growing boys.

I was actually quite proud of myself. During the whole apple picking experience, I climbed several trees. I'm not a terribly athletic person, and pulling my body weight up with my arms is quite a feat. In fact, when I was in the corn pool, I floundered like an uncoordinated elephant in, well, a corn pool. But I was decent at climbing trees with the kids. I even managed to get a few apples. I think they taste better when I personally climbed the tree to retrieve them. We tried to help Nick try to climb a tree, but that wasn't too successful.

Nick totally loved having other kids to play with. I think that was his favorite part of the trip. All of the kids were a huge help with Nick, and he got so excited watching them play and trying to copy them. This was a great trip. I didn't get as many apples out of it as Gardenmom did (I believe I bought about twelve), but we have the experience. Plus I have a few nasty scratches on my arm from the tree.

I still have a ton more pictures of our day at the pumpkin/apple farm, and I'll show those tomorrow.

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