Friday, October 15, 2010

A Trip to Iowa: Part Four

Back to our day at the farm. Here's Nick riding a mini-tractor, with the help of Gardenmom's stepson. I meant to post these pictures on Wednesday, but my open house was this week, as well as a state audit at work, so I'm a little behind. Tonight I'll post the rest of the pumpkin/apple farm pictures. Here's another one of Nick enjoying the ride, and one of Gardenmom's son, who has gotten so big he barely even fit on the tractor! I love the determined look on his face, kind of like, "I am going to make this work, even if I'm too big."

Nick also wanted to use one of the old-fashioned push mowers they had for kids to try. Gardenmom's stepdaughter helped, and Nick got a kick out of trying to push it. He has a toy lawnmower at home that his has a little more success with.

The kids enjoyed running through the tunnel. Nick particularly enjoys being chased.

The above picture was the best one I could get of Nick and I together. Do you notice that he threw his shoe on the floor? Typical.

Tomorrow I'll be showing our tour through Gardenmom's gigantic garden. Nick was duly impressed.  :)


  1. All the kids seemed really fascinated with the old-fashioned lawn mower...maybe I should get one and let them do the lawn that way. They say lawnmowers make more pollution than cars...would be nice to get rid of that. It is hard to believe that my son is now getting too 'big' to do certain things. All of his life up to now has been he's not big ENOUGH to do most things. So this is different for us. My favorite is actually the one you didn't post where you're not looking at the camera, you are looking at Nick...that seems so natural and interesting.

  2. Ahh, but he will be able to do so many big boy things now. :) I bet he'd mow the lawn for you.

    I liked that picture, too, but the weird half ponytail made me hesitate to post it.