Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summer All Gone!

This weekend I must finally admit that summer is over. Or, as Nick would say, "Summer all gone." Long sleeves are a must, though the cool weather doesn't slow down Nick one bit. He doesn't even seem to feel the cold. I have to say that after our walk yesterday, his little hands were freezing, but he wasn't complaining.

We had to dress Nick in two layers this morning: a onesie with jeans and a sweatshirt over that. I found this one on ebay and it suites him perfectly because he's my little stinker.

The trees are starting to change colors, the weather is much colder, and I must, unfortunately, face the facts: it's too cold for flip flops. My poor feet are protesting. They've had the freedom to spread out in cushy shoes for the last six months or so, and now all of my shoes are giving me blisters, even ones that fit just fine in the spring.

I actually kind of like fall, (with the exception of the shoe issue) and I'm looking forward to making lots of pumpkin recipes, enjoying the cool fall weather, and visiting the pumpkin farm with Nick. 

I had a kind of lazy day today. I love when I can lounge around in my pajamas all day, reading good books and relaxing. It was a very hectic week at work, and it is so nice to decompress. Nick read his plane books, over and over again. He's still pointing to every single plane, and labelling their parts. Greg went to the library and got some horror novels, and I'd put some nonfiction books on hold. I used to have a bad amazon habit, but lately I've only been buying certain books, and just renting the others. I figure if I really like a particular book, I can always buy it later.

Today I read Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it was pretty good. It's about her hesitation to get married again after a horrible divorce, and she also examines differing marriage practices in different places around the world. I like how she examines some of the historical marriage practices, even though I was infuriated by the historical concept of coverture, which is the idea that a wome loses her identity and rights when she marries. I also like the way she came to an agreement with her fiance about the kind of marriage they wanted to have before actually marrying. I guess this book is a cross between a memoir and an informational nonfiction book about marriage customs and traditions. I'd recommend it.

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