Tuesday, October 5, 2010

He Still Likes a Good Pony Ride

Last year, Nick had his first pony ride, and he really liked it. This year, he was a bit more subdued, but the pony was definitely a hit. Daddy took him riding again when we went to Sonny Acres last Sunday.

He behaved very well, and he was nicer to the pony than he was last year.

 Greg loves doing this type of father/son thing with Nick, and I know Nick appreciates the time with his daddy. The whole day at Sonny Acres was pretty enjoyable for Nick, who loved every bit of it.

I'll post more pictures of our pumpkin farm visit later this week.  :)  Now I'm off to write lesson plans. Gobs of lesson plans.


  1. yay! pumpkin farm for nick two weekends in a row! nick is going to be amazed by all the kids at our house. cale and tressa will be there too, so he will swarmed with kid attention. Our pumpkin farm doesn't have pony rides, but it is awesome, and it looks like it is going to be almost 80 this weekend?! How's that for fall? Lol.

  2. Nice weather and lots of kids to play with? Sounds like a perfect weekend for Nick. If only there were a way to get there without the 5 hour drive. ;)

  3. oh, you don't have an instant teleporter? Well, you can just borrow ours.