Thursday, June 20, 2013

Planning a Special Father's Day for Greg

I wanted Father's Day to be special for Greg this year, and I really thought about what he might want. He's been talking about getting a new grill for ages, so I took the boys over to Target to make some decisions.

Henry found many potential gifts in the outdoor catalog at Target, but we did end up going with a grill. 

I let the boys decorate their own wrapping paper, so that Greg would get a personal touch to his gift. I simply took some of my "girly" wrapping paper and wrapped it inside out. Then I gave the boys some chunky crayons and had them go to town on the wrapped box. 

The final result was not beautiful, but it was clearly designed for Greg, by the boys.

I also designed a card for him to showcase what a wonderful daddy we think he is:

I think Greg is really going to enjoy his new grill. The boys sure enjoyed helping him unwrap it. 

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