Friday, June 7, 2013

Green Sand

Did you know that they make green play sand? Neither did I, until we went to pick up some play sand at the store this afternoon. They had several colors, but Nick loved the green best.

I spent my afternoon sitting in a chair, watching these two dig in the sand, roll cars in the sand, and above all, throw sand. Quite a bit of the sand ended up in the grass. Ah, well. It matched, anyway.

I was surprised at how long they played with the sand; I guess because it was their first time, they were intrigued. Of course, both boys had green sand in their hair and all over their hands.

Henry also quickly figured out where the umbrella hole was, and poured quite a bit of this pricey sand down onto the grass.

Our green sand adventure, I'm afraid, ended when the boys started throwing the sand at one another and at me.

It's a Friday today, but since this is my second day of summer vacation, it doesn't feel like a Friday. I suppose the days mean less over the summer. Nick has asked me the last two days, "Mommy, do you go to work today?" I always laugh and say, "Nope. Not until August." This morning Nick asked me while I was sitting with Henry on my lap, having my first cup of coffee at around 8:15 a.m. I love summertime, even when there's green sand down my pants.

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