Friday, June 28, 2013

Closet Madness

I gave myself a project this week. While I am far from the most organized lady around, when I decide on a big project, I put a lot of effort into doing it right. My kids have a ton of toys, and it's hard for them to play when everything is scattered about. I had done a few boxes back in January, but I wanted to finish and organize everything so that the toys would be easily sortable.
We can make sure all of our flights leave on time

I tasked myself with cleaning out our coat closet and making it into a toy closet filled with organized toy boxes for the boys. I cannot express the magnitude of this task. It took me pretty much an entire day, and I was up until midnight.

After all, who needs a whole closet for coats when our family has so many different kinds of toys? First, I condensed the coats down to just a few, with extra hangers for when we have company. Then, I came up with photo labels for each toy box to show what it contains. This one is construction toys, which, I might add, I picked up at a garage sale for $7.50. There are a lot more of them, too--a whole box!

Then I printed out the pictures and labeled every box with a description of its contents. The closet is nearly full, but I eventually ran out of boxes.

Here is Henry playing with the zoo animals box. We're still tracking down some of the 2,355 little people animals scattered around the house, but at least now when we find them, there's a definite box to put them in: the zoo animals box!

I took all of our hats and scarves for all seasons, and stashed them in this box on the top shelf. I'm impressed with how many boxes I managed to fit into this closet.

I may not be making huge progress during my summer break, but I'm am very pleased with how I've created this special area for the boys.

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