Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keeping Himself Busy

I'm up to a minimum of three doctor's office visits per week now. I have two non-stress tests, one actual obstetrician visit, and one iron infusion every week. Sometimes I have to bring Nick with, and he finds quite interesting ways to keep himself busy.

Nick went with me on Tuesday, and he was quite entertaining in the waiting room. Our doctor's office has these neat kid-sized chairs, and Nick wanted me to to come and sit by him, on the teeny tiny chairs. I told him that I wouldn't fit, but that he could come sit by me. Nick decided that he wanted to bring a chair over. Then he brought two, and three, and so on. . .

Pretty soon, Nick had lined up every children's chair in the waiting room. He made a line going all the way to the door.

There were three or four ladies waiting with us, and they laughed at his antics. Nick talked the entire time: "I'm going to get another chair. We need another one. I am strong. Urgh!" (grunting).

Since we had to wait awhile, this kept him busy and gave him a little workout. I did make him put all of the chairs back when we were done, though.

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