Monday, June 28, 2010

One Full Year of Blogging!

Exactly one year ago today I began this blog, with few expectations. I wanted a way to remember my life as a new mom, and I thought a blog would be a good way to keep me accountable. (I kept losing actual paper journals, and I figured that you can't lose the internet! I also wanted a way to share photos and updates with my family. Exactly one year and 204 entries later, I figure I haven’t done too badly. My subject matter might always be enthralling, because I write about things like what my cats are doing, what vegetables my son flung at my head, and what I made for dinner, but I definitely have a record of my life.

I don’t know if my writing has improved at all as a result of writing for an audience, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't gotten any worse. I’m just proud of myself for actually sticking to it. Some months I wrote more than others, but I managed to write a few times a week for a whole year. I feel that blogging has been a good outlet for me—a way to express myself and tell my story, my way.

Goals for my second year of blogging:

1. Organization. I like when I read other blogs and there are topics that go by the day. I’ve always done Wordless Wednesdays, but I think I can take this further. For example, I might write a book review every Tuesday, and share a recipe each Monday. Any ideas? Share them with me in the comments section.

2. Food. Speaking of recipes, I’d love to get more of mine up to share. I really do love to cook, and documenting some of my favorite recipes might help me to remember them. It also forces me to measure, at least somewhat.

3. Teaching. I’d like to share a little more of what I do at work with my students. Perhaps I can share some teaching tips and lessons.

4. More videos of Nick. When I look back at the blog entries I did in the past, some of my favorite ones are when I included short video clips. My favorite is the one where Nick was scooting backwards on his butt. I want to make sure I post more of those videos to track his development.

5. Guest posts. I’ll have to ask some of my family members and friends if they’ll do a guest post for me, just to highlight different points of view. Anyone want to volunteer?

Thanks for reading! I've had a great year, and it's been so much fun sharing my life with you. Here's to another year of blogging.  : )


  1. Yay for you! I would stay away from the teaching tips...that doesn't really fit with this blog, maybe a new blog for that? I like the idea of the recipe for the reading, i know you read a lot in the summer...but can you finish a book a week for the whole year? I like the idea of sharing something new that Nick is doing developmentally each week, since he is a big focus of your blog. Or a fat kitty pic of the week. Lol.

  2. I have a backlog of books I'd love to talk about--probably 20 or 30 that I've read this year already. So I suppose I'd read a lot over the summer and then review the books one at a time.

    I do have another blog for teaching that I haven't touched in a long time. I could adapt that. hmmm

    Nick ends up being the big focus of everything that I do. Strange how parenting does that to you. ;)

    Hmmm--maybe I could have one of my cats do a guest post once a week or something. "Life, from Sebastian's point of view," or some such. Might be interesting. Or not. "Today I took a long nap in the windowsill. I stole food from Tubby and made him cry. Then I ran away from that little human who likes to pull my whiskers. Finally, I took a nap." Actually, a cat's life doesn't sound too bad. . .