Monday, June 7, 2010

Did you know. . . ?

. . . that they make this kind of tank top for babies? (I'm not really sure what the appropriate name is for the tank top--when I was a kid we called them something offensive.) I bought some summer pjs for Nick on Ebay, and this outfit came for free with another pair of pajamas I ordered. Greg put him in them, and I thought he looked pretty funny.

The only time I ever see guys wearing these tank tops, it is a middle aged guy with a bald head and a big beer belly. He usually has a can of beer in his hand and is shouting at his children while listening to NASCAR on the radio and sitting on a ratty lawn chair in his garage. It's kind of weird to see my little man wearing a tank top.

Come to think of it, Nick does have a little beer belly hanging over his shorts. . .


  1. he needs to get some stains on it...and then stand around in it with a can in his hand. And yeah, they still call them that offensive thing.

  2. Lol, offensive thing! He is so cute! I want to reach through the comp and pinch those adorable cheeks! How is your garden doing?

  3. I wonder if they have baby sized beer cans that I can fill with milk or something. . . LOL The stains he'll take care of on his own.

    My garden is doing pretty well, aside from the spinach and the peas, which are being eaten down to the dirt by the gigantic evil bunnies who inhabit my subdivision. :)