Thursday, June 24, 2010

All By Himself!

He can do it! My little boy is growing up. He climbed up the stairs, sat down on the slide, and went down by himself (after watching a little girl do it first). Nick loves to go to the park, and he even has a special name for it. He points when he sees a park and says, "Whee!" As in the noise he makes when he goes down the slide.

Here's a list of some other things Nick can now do by himself. He's learned all of this in the last two months. When I sat down to make this list, I was more than a little surprised.  I'm quite proud, as well, but I think I understand now why I've been a little tired lately after a day spent with Nicholas!

Nick's "All By Himself List." He can. . .

1. Climb onto the couch.
2. Climb out of the bathtub.
3. Eat with a spoon (depending on the food).
4. Get into his Cozy Coupe, shut the door, and honk the horn.
5. Ask me to read him a story. (He says it "Stoodee," or sometimes, "Pees Stoodee," and even once "Pees Uppees Stoodee," as in "Please, up, story")
6. Drink from a full sized cup with a straw. Even when it's a frappucino.
7. Take off his diaper. (When he's not wearing pants over the diaper.)
8. Turn on the tv manually by standing on his tiptoes. (And turn it off, and change the mode. And change the channel. And turn up the volume. And turn it on again.)
9. Pick strawberries and flowers.
10. Ride the seesaw, if it's a short see saw.
11. Get in and out of the pool.
12. Unzip my purse, grab the wallet, undo the snap, and empty everything onto the floor.
13. Remove the batteries from the tv remote.
14. Climb on the couch, grab the remote from the end table, remove the batteries, and throw them behind the couch.

That's my boy.  :)


  1. Enjoy it...I just looked at my son this week and realized he changed some time when I wasn't looking. He isn't a little boy anymore, he acts more like a school age boy now than like a preschooler. He wants to do different things, he grew at some point, and he is just a different version of his self. While I like the 'new' Ben, part of me is sad for the loss of the little Ben that is gone now. Excuse me, I have to go wipe my eyes.

  2. Awe! I miss lil ones! My youngest is 7 and she is very independent. My biggest baby will be 18 in july, sigh! Time flies enjoy your lil guy!