Monday, February 1, 2010

An upside down, mildly fuzzy picture that I really like, for some odd reason

I really like this picture. I know it's kind of blurry, and Nick's hanging upside down. I was hitting his favorite tickle spot. He loves to play "upside-down baby."

Blurry is also how I felt today. Funny how Mondays can be that way. I was reading some stories to Nick this evening and I suddenly realized how little I remembered about what I had done all day. I know that I went to work, had a meeting, and tested a bunch of kids. But most of it was slightly out of focus, at least until I bought a latte at the grocery store around 4:30. Then everything became crystal clear. Funny how caffeine can do that. I swear, if Starbucks delivered to my school, I would spend $20 per week, at least.

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