Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bathtime and a visit from Aunt Mandy

My sister came over today to visit and take some pictures of Nick. She took hundreds, and my little man got lots of attention. He really loves to strike a pose. . . he even knows not to blink when there's a flash. In the shot above, Nick was playing with his squishy hippo that squirts water.

Today he was big on splashing. I'm not sure how he balanced well enough to lift his leg to shoulder-height. Perhaps Nick has been copying my pilates moves.

It's funny how the weekend goes by so quickly. I feel like I could use another day. Sigh.


  1. Amen sister! I am exhausted this morning. I need about twice as long of a weekend. I love the pic of his cute little foot up in the air. I have a thing for baby feet. :) And as for the camera flash thing, I also 'know' not to blink when the flash goes off, I just can't help it. It is involuntary.

    Oh, BTW. If I have enough, I will send you some cucumber seeds if you like.

  2. I'd love some cucumber seeds, if you have extra. Thanks. Nick ate, like, 7 slices of cucumber tonight. He loves it.

    Yup. I love the baby feet, too. I just thought the pose was hilarious. I don't believe I could manage that particular pose. Not enough thigh strength.