Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Unproductive But Relaxing Weekend

I love weekends. . . especially weekend mornings. Greg lets me sleep in, so I don't get up until 8 or later. I get to feed Nick his breakfast, and there's no hurry. Nick loved it when I stuck Cheerios on his nose. He is easily amused. The only thing that could make a weekend like this better is if it was warm outside. I'm looking forward to March, because there's usually at least one warm day. I am so ready for that one warm day. This time of year I feel like hibernating. I only left the house once, to run to the grocery store. I read Nick the same four books at least seventeen times. We stayed in our pajamas most of the weekend.

We played blocks, cars, catch, and peekaboo. Nick threw balls at our heads and laughed loudly when we shouted, "Ouch!" Greg made a delicious Carne Asada and homemade guacamole that was to die for. Nick was eating the guacamole by the handful.

Then today, I made Pasta e Fagioli in the crockpot. It was delicious and made a ton of leftovers. Truly, I got almost nothing done this weekend. But I don't mind. . . unproductive also means relaxing.

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