Friday, February 26, 2010

Bouncy Time!

One of Nick's favorite games is "Bouncy Time." That is when Greg or I take him and sit him on one of our big bouncy exercise balls (pilates balance balls). He gets so excited and giggles uncontrollably.

Pardon my poor-quality pictures. It's the camera. But note the look of concentration on Nick's face, and the way he balls his hands into fists as he helps his daddy bounce him on the ball. If Greg stops for a minute to rest, Nick will keep trying to make the ball bounce.

Our only problem comes when bouncy time is over. Nicholas simply cannot accept that the bouncing must end. I think he wants it to continue forever. This is the sad face he gives us every single time we stop the bouncing.

The only thing wrong with this boy is that Greg stopped bouncing him. Sigh. See the shiny tear trickling down his disappointed little face? Nick has learned a valuable lesson--all fun must end sometime. I think I didn't learn that lesson until after college.  ;)

I didn't post all week this week, which is weird for me. It was a crazy week. I was one of the presenters for teacher institute day today, and I was planning all week. I stayed after school for a presenters meeting Monday, and Tuesday through Thursday I stayed late to teach extended day. Plus, on Thursday, I had to stay for the Dr. Seuss parent night I'd volunteered for. Then, I spent two nights up until almost midnight working on my powerpoint presentation. The institute day went okay, but we were short on time, and I felt like I rushed too much through my part. I'm always better at teaching when I can focus on depth over breadth. But overall it wasn't a bad day. I feel like I did the best I could under the circumstances.

I can tell you, though, that I'm very grateful that the weekend is here. I want to rest a lot and drink plenty of earl grey tea and play with Nick. I feel like this week I was too preoccupied with school work to sit down on the floor with him very much. So I tried today to spend at least an hour straight playing blocks and cars with him. I think it's so adorable when he drives the little cars around. Then we read stories. I love Fridays.

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