Friday, January 31, 2014

Wintertime Dance Party!

With our, ahem, lovely weather this January, I've had to be pretty creative to get the boys some exercise. Tonight, for example, I fed them popcorn, knowing this would mean they'd have to vacuum for an hour. Most nights, though, we dance.

What do we dance to? See, now, I'm the mommy, so I get to pick, at least some of the time. I'm pretty eclectic in my musical tastes, so we dance to everything from Jazz to 80s music to top 40 hits. I also love classic rock and 90s music. It is funny how I can remember all of the words to nearly every song from the 1990s but I've blocked most of those years from my memory. Henry's penguin likes to dance to 90s music on the Sirius station, too.

Now, please know that Henry does indeed have clothing that fits him. For some reason, he insisted on wearing Nick's t-shirt and pajama pants. I have to pick my battles.

My mom said Nick looked like Snuffalupagus in this one. It was pretty cute.

The one song both boys really enjoyed was one I remember from middle school. "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Vanilla Ice. Sigh. My kids would pick the one song that I know all the words to that gets stuck in my head to dance to and then beg me to find on youtube.

Henry was really getting into his moves. Nick was trying to breakdance, I think. "Do you like my moves, Mommy?" What could I say but, "Yes, honey, good job." Then the penguins started in dancing. . . and the chanting started.

My kids crack me up. The song is also strangely appropriate, judging by the amount of snow and ice we've had outside lately. 

That's Greg's winter hat Henry's hanging out in--he loves the fuzz on the inside.

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