Tuesday, February 4, 2014

An Art Show Featuring the Magnificent Nicholas

Lately Nick has been learning how to draw from his daddy. He's been picking up some pretty good techniques.

Today's post is basically an art show from a five-year-old.   :)

This is a picture of Daddy. Not too, bad, considering that Greg's hair was pretty grey at the time.

Today Nicholas had to draw a Valentine's Day picture for his teacher to display. Can you recognize anything in the picture?

Do you recognize people, penguins, hearts, and flowers? Nick also wrote his name and the word LOVE.

This snowman is named after Nick's Uncle Andy. Not sure why he has a unibrow and a skateboard. 

Nick had to make a Letter C collage. He did okay with the scissors, I think. 

Daddy showed Nick how to draw buildings. I think he liked it.

We'll end this eclectic art show with one of Nick's favorite subjects: penguins.

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