Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Night Pina Colada Party!

This cold weather is very depressing, and I spent the whole way home trying to think of ways to get out of this funk I've been in all week. Nick came up with the initial idea. "Let's have smoothies!" Despite the below zero windchills, I agreed. Henry shouted with joy!

For the kids, I made virgin pina colada smoothies: frozen pineapple, Coconut Chobani Greek Yogurt, bananas, and ground flax seed. (I call it dinner.)

My version had a little Captain Morgan added in to it. 

A hearty thanks to the Chobani people for creating a yogurt that gives the flavor of the beach, even if the temperatures do not cooperate. 

I also cranked up our heat (shh, don't tell my husband) to a more tropical level and turned on the Happy Light for some added "sunshine."

Then I clicked on the Sirius Margaritaville station for some beach worthy music. 

Nick jammed on his little guitar for us as well. 

My version of the smoothie, complete with some Captain Morgan, helped to cheer me up.

We're all feeling a little warmer and more refreshed, though if anyone wants to spring for a beach vacation, that'd be even better.  ;)

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