Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bunk Beds! Bunk Beds with Star Wars Sheets!

Henry and Nicholas went absolutely crazy with joy when we came home this evening to find that Daddy had put together their new bunk beds.

Look what Grandma Toni got for us! Bunk Beds with Star Wars sheets!

Today we had to get out of the house. Greg insisted on at least seven hours to himself so that he could figure out this huge project. He did a great job!

Yay for Grandma Toni! And Yay for Daddy's hard work today!

After a whole day spent away from home, it was amazing to come home to a completely new room for the boys.

Yes, I'm aware Nick is wearing his pajama top backwards and inside out. He said he likes it better that way. 

Grandma Toni gives the best presents! Note the matching Star Wars sheets, comforters, and rug to match.

Henry and Nick were so excited I couldn't get them to stand still. Henry loves the Darth Vader Rug best.

So the question remains. . . will the boys sleep in their own beds now that Darth Vader watches over them and their awesome new beds?

Henry actually turned his pillow to the other side so he could see Darth Vader's head.

Or will they be too excited to sleep?

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