Thursday, January 23, 2014

Future Guitarists?

Last weekend, I took the boys to Naperville's Chocolate Festival (more about that later), and there was an acoustic Beatles tribute band playing while we were waiting for the cookie stacking contest to begin. The boys had balloon swords from the children's room, and they turned them upside down to use as guitars while they mimicked the guitarists.

I pulled chairs to the very back of the room so we weren't in anyone's way, and the boys had room to dance.

Henry especially got into the dancing. I think we have a Beatles fan on our hands. You can even hear his little fingers squeaking as he tries to pluck out the notes on his makeshift instrument.

By the end of the concert, which was maybe 45 minutes long, Henry had just as much of an audience as the guys on stage. He stayed quiet and jammed to the music the whole time, though. That's pretty good for a two-year-old. 

I like this song, too. I can understand why Henry wanted Nick to jam with him. 

More about the chocolate festival and all the joy to be had at such an event. I just wanted to share the joy of a two-year-old happily dancing his heart out. I was tempted to join him out there, but I get self-conscious. Nick is already starting to get a little shy sometimes. It's nice to see Henry out there jamming without any inhibitions. 

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