Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oswego Country Market

One of our favorite markets to visit is the Oswego Country Market, largely because it is close by and takes place on Sundays. Greg doesn't work on Sundays, so that's the best day for us to go! On the day we went, the Park District had kids' activities set out, and the boys adored blowing bubbles. Henry tried for ten minutes to blow some bubbles. He was getting frustrated, but then. . .

He actually succeeded! He blew bubbles and man, was he proud.

Yes, both boys are wearing shirts that read, "Respect Your Mother." Doubly appropriate, I think.

Nick got his blower to make a HUGE bubble. Then, though, he was disappointed by every bubble that wasn't gigantic. His expectations had been raised to an unreasonable level.

After the bubbles, we did some shopping and got some really yummy produce. I was especially pleased with my peaches, which were sweeter than any I've gotten from a grocery store, ever.

We got some of those teeny tiny multicolored potatoes, which are delicious and unique. Nick likes the purple ones best. I believe we also picked up some donuts. Mmmm.

Oh, and the best part (for the boys at least) is the part located a short walk from downtown.

It is, however, a park that gets the boys messy. Henry went under the water sprayers and then rolled in wood chips. Sigh.

After playtime we went for lunch at Calla Lily Cafe, which was pretty yummy. The boys were in a good mood, considering they'd been running around all morning.

This was a good day.

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