Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Beach at the Mall?

A few weeks ago, I was killing some time with boys at the mall, and I found a beach!

No, really, they had moved a miniature beach into the center part of the mall. Nick and Henry went into paroxysms of joy!

They even hid little colored shells in the sand for kids to find. Henry found lots of them, and then put them on a beach chair. Then Henry lounged.

He had to get used the feeling of sand between his toes.

Nick found this cardboard surfboard and pretended he was on a hoverboard from Back to the Future, Part II.

Then he went shell-hunting, too.

This beach area was really a hit! Look at that grin.

Nick enjoyed the lounge chairs as well. I love this area of the mall, and I hope it is still there the next time we visit.

Not quite as good as a real beach, but it was a darned good facsimile.

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