Friday, September 27, 2013

"Man, have you got your hands full!"

That's what I'm often told when people see me with my two very energetic children. My response is that yes, my hands are definitely full. But my heart is full, too. How could it not be with a smile like this one?

Or a grin like this one?

We had fun at the Cafe N' Play today, and I watched my kids run around being silly and dressing up in different costumes. What a nice way to end the week.

Although Nick did freak me out a little bit in this costume he made up. . .

Doesn't he look like something out of a post-apocalyptic nightmare?

So are my hands full? Yup. But we sure had fun! The boys even microwaved me some plastic fruit for me. Before having children, I had no idea how much fun little boys can be. They drive me absolutely bonkers. However, they also make me laugh and enjoy my time with them more than I ever thought I could. (Even while pretending to eat plastic fruit.)

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