Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cleaning House

Just in case you know me personally, you can close your mouth. I'm not talking about me cleaning house. It's well known around these parts that I abhor cleaning, especially vacuuming. In fact, I once had a doctor tell me to avoid vacuuming because of my asthma and allergies. During certain seasons of the year, I can't even be in the house when Greg vacuums. The boys, however, have no such restrictions.

Henry helped with his toy vacuum.

Nick's Occupational Therapist had suggested that Nick would benefit from what she calls "heavy work." That's when he does tasks that require lifting, pushing, and moving things around. It's really good for his coordination and his sensory needs. So Greg taught him how to use the vacuum today.

I'm not sure why Nick wore the goggles. He said something about them helping him. I also did not condone his clothing choices this morning. This is what he looked like when I woke up.

Nick dressed himself in a pair of pajama pants and threw a moose sweater on top of it. It's not that cold in our house, but he likes the pockets in front.

Maybe the goggles did help, because Nick did a halfway decent job on our carpets. Greg, of course, went over everything twice, but Nick got to help with all of the different parts, even on the stairs.

Henry got to help out on the stairs, too, since our attachment for the stairs is fairly lightweight.

Henry didn't want to give it back!

Greg likes to pretend the vacuum is eating him. Then everyone acts scared of the hose.

Here's Henry fleeing from the vacuum.

While I can't take any credit for housecleaning this morning, I did take 71 pictures of the children helping. That should count for something, shouldn't it?

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