Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Spotlight on Nick's School Work

Since Nick started school, he's been bringing home work regularly that he completed in school. He also does homework with us at home.

So far, he likes the homework because I let him stay up later than Henry to do it, and we only work for very short periods. I am trying to take pictures of all of his work rather than saving too many of the actual papers. Here are a few examples. Enjoy my child's obvious magnificence.  ;)

Sent home 8-28-13. Superior counting skills, obviously.

Not too shabby for his first worksheet assignment.  ;)

This was hanging outside his classroom when we went for curriculum night.

Every kid likes his name traced in glitter glue, right? 

Nick's favorite part of school is riding the bus. His bus is yellow, not green, though.

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