Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Septemberfest 2012

One of the things we love about Labor Day weekend (besides the extra day off, of course) is going up to Schaumburg for Septemberfest.

We went last year, though Henry was too little to do anything but watch. We also went in 2009, when Nick was a baby. This time was exciting for all involved, especially those under age 4. Henry got to ride on Grandpa Ray's shoulders.

Nick? Well, he got to drive a truck. He would have stayed on the truck all day, if we had let him.

There are two really awesome things about carnivals. Funnel cakes and cotton candy. Yum.

Henry appreciated the sugary goodness. You would be surprised at the mess one baby can make with a funnel cake and some blue cotton candy. Or maybe you wouldn't.

Nick also wanted to go on the giant tiger slide. He climbed up and looked down at us from the top. Grandma Toni and I had our cameras ready, and then. . . he wouldn't move. The attendant had to go up and rescue him. "I'm afraid of heights," said Nick. Yup. We already knew that, but he had been determined to go on that slide. Oh, well. At least he tried. I don't like heights, either, and I think it's a pretty good instinctive fear to have.

Lest you think Henry was left out of the fun, check out this picture of him with his Aunt Sarah on the carousel.

We were quite the crowd at Septemberfest: Grandma Toni, Aunt Sarah, Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ray, G.G., Nick, Henry, Greg, and me, of course.

The boys also went on the Ferris wheel with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ray.

The Ferris Wheel wasn't scary enough for Nick, so he wanted to ride the kiddie roller coaster. He liked it a lot, though his expression after the first big dip was priceless. Then, he just started grinning.

After a day like this, Nick asks me, "So what are we going to do tomorrow, Mommy?" My answer is never as cool as going to the carnival. . . or going to G.G.'s house afterward for cake.

Come to think of it, we all had quite an unhealthy diet that day. I suppose it all balances out, though. This evening, Nick decided he wanted to eat frozen peas directly from the freezer, and he and his little brother sat on the kitchen floor begging me for more and more frozen peas. I believe they ate half a package before they were through. Much healthier than cotton candy, but for the boys, just as much fun. Frozen peas: a taste sensation?

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