Sunday, September 30, 2012

Children in the Corn, or Why My Children Had Corn in their Diapers

On Saturday, I took my boys to Heap's Giant Pumpkin Farm in Minooka. The last few years, we've visited my friend out in Iowa and gone to a farm with a real corn pool.  This year, I've decided to visit as many local fall festivals and farms as we can find (and afford). Greg works on Saturdays, so it was just Nick and Henry and me. There wasn't a corn pool, per se, but this system of tunnels and corn bins was pretty awesome, just the same.

Nick found a friend to play with in the corn, and he kept photobombing all of my pictures. He's quite a cutie. Henry kept diving into the corn and laughing uproariously.

Both of my children were covered in dust and hay by the time we left. I still found corn in Henry's diaper this morning. I have no idea where it keeps coming from.

Tomorrow I'll write more about Heap's Giant Pumpkin Farm, which we really liked. For today, here are some more moments of corn joyousness. These videos make me smile.

Nick wanted to know when he could go back to the corn. If I had a bin of corn in my backyard, I could entertain my children for hours.

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