Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teaser Post

Greetings from pottyland. I've spent most of the last week sitting on the floor in the bathroom, singing silly songs and desperately listening for the joyful sound of success. The cord on my laptop doesn't stretch that far, so my posts have been somewhat sporadic.

I have a ton to post about, though, and thankfully, I'm on my spring break, so more updates are to come in the next week, including:

1. A pregnancy update. Yup. I'm 28 weeks now. It's getting harder to see my feet.

2. The extravaganza of raking leaves in March with the "help" of a two-year-old. Using a snow shovel.

3. A trip to downtown Chicago for the day, including The Hancock Building and a chocolate tour (Yes, such things exist).

4. An account of the coolest children's party (for a two-year-old) that I've ever seen.

5. Nick's trip to Naperville's Riverwalk.

Here are some of the pictures for you to peruse, in no particular order or context. More to come this week.

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