Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Oatmeal

I don't have time to make it on weekdays, but Nick and I love to have old fashioned oatmeal on the weekends. This morning he was asking me for some before I'd even finished my first cup of coffee. "You make oatmeal. Want to eat oatmeal. With cinnamon!"

Nick had already had breakfast, about an hour before. My husband gets up with him and lets me sleep in, which is nice. So this meal was his second breakfast. We had our oatmeal with strawberries. Please notice how Nick took a bite from the tip of all the strawberries. It made me giggle. That must be the best part.

During the week, I use the packets of oatmeal, which are okay. But they're nothing like real oatmeal made on the stove. I use milk instead of water, and the old fashioned regular oatmeal with the big pieces. It takes 5-10 minutes of constant stirring to get the consistency just right, but it's definitely worth the weight. This oatmeal is heartier and the milk gives it protein. I add fancy Vietnamese cinnamon from Penzey's Spices. It's way nicer than grocery store cinnamon.

Nick can eat an entire serving by himself. Oh, and he eventually ate four of the strawberries. He just likes to eat the tips first, for some reason.

Oatmeal is a pretty healthy meal, but it always makes me feel relaxed. Maybe that's because I only make it on leisurely weekend days.


  1. Ha! My kid does that with strawberries too. Smart kiddos.

  2. I don't even buy the packets anymore. I love the real oatmeal. I also make it with milk, but I have perfected the microwave method. I make Ben's with a little real butter, and cinnamon as well. Lately I have been on a quest to come up with new uses for apple butter and blueberry syrup that I canned last year. I have discovered that a couple spoonfuls of either stirred into the homemade oatmeal is absolutely fantastic. Ben loves when I make him oatmeal too.

  3. Butter? Oh no, now you've given me ideas. I wonder how it'd be with pumpkin butter? yummy. Maybe we'll have oatmeal for dinner tonight. Greg's coming home late, so I can get away with that. ;)

  4. Your kid does that too, Keely? I wonder if the ends do taste better. I will try that myself tonight. :)